About Us

"Lux" means light in Latin. 2Lux alludes to the Sun and Moon that illuminate the world both day and night, which is our company's mission to the world. As the light drives away the darkness, 2Lux Media, Inc. wishes to become the light by bringing good, illuminating content to people.

Launched with support from the venture development program of the University of Texas at Dallas, we of 2Lux Media are committed to producing a range of multimedia works, including e-books and appbooks. We regularly work in close creative collaboration with artists, new media professionals, and other talented faculty, students, and staff from UTD's highly regarded Arts and Technology program.


2Lux Media, Inc. provides professional services in the following categories:

  • Interactive & Multimedia Design & Production
  • eBook & AppBook Production
  • Graphic Layout & Design
  • Multiple eReader Formatting